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What is Google Adwords

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also commonly referred to as Google Adwords. They are the adverts that you see at the top of the results when searching for something on Google or other search engines. On Google, they have a green box next to them with ‘Ad’ written in it.

Google Adwords offer businesses the opportunity to get in front of potential customers almost instantly. The ads are generally triggered by keywords, which means you can specifically target people looking to buy your product.


The % of people using Google Search to find products


% of mobile searchers calling directly from Google search


% of people don’t know the difference between the paid ads and organic results

Why Do Smart Businesses Use SEM or Adwords?

  1. Almost everything is trackable and measurable

Because you can track everything, from the number of people who see your ad and click on it (your click through rate) to the number of people who take an action on your website (conversion rate), you can constantly improve the performance of your campaigns.

  1. It’s a lot quicker than SEO

You can get “to the top of Google” a lot quicker than through organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). That’s not to say that SEO shouldn’t form part of your marketing strategy, it possibly should. But Google Adwords offers you the chance to get in front of customers, now. It will allow you to test which keywords have the highest conversion value and can use that information to prioritise which keywords you focus your SEO efforts on.

  1. It’s where peoples’ attention is

More than 80% of people use Google as their primary method of finding a product or service. How easy is it to find your business on Google using terms other than your business name?

How beneficial do you think it would be to be able to be found in the top few spots for 50, 500, or 5000 keywords?

How much does it cost?

That’s almost entirely up to you. The cost of your Google Adwords campaign is going to be broken into two parts:

1. The cost of your ads (paid directly to Google).

At the start of your campaign, you will choose a monthly budget that you are comfortable with. That will be the maximum amount that will be spent over the duration of each month. This will be charged directly by Google on a post paid basis.

2. Our management fee

This fee covers our time and expertise in creating and optimising your campaign. The amount we charge is directly proportional to the ad budget decided by you.

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