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How Do I Get More Traffic to My Website?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How do I increase the amount of traffic coming to my website?” The answer to this question is either, hard work and hustle or money. If you fall into the latter category, then call us now and we’ll start doing the hard work for you. No, serious.

If, however, you fall into the former category, where you are on a limited budget and are willing to put in a couple of hours of extra work each day in order to generate traffic, then keep reading. There are a lot of different traffic generating methods that you can use, depending on your industry and business model. The following options are ones that we have found to work across multiple industries.

Before you start any of this, though, you’ll need to decide what the end objective is. Do you just want traffic or are you looking for conversions? Those conversions may be in the way of product sales, form submissions, or anything else. Until you know what you want the traffic to do when it gets to your site, you are flying blind and are likely wasting your time.

Optimise your website for conversion driving keywords

The first task on your list is to optimise every page of your site for the ideal keywords or phrases for that page; we generally refer to this as “on-site SEO.” This will include:

  • creating engaging copy for each page with a focus on that phrase;
  • ensuring that the page is setup correctly with the right heading tags (h1, h2, etc);
  • writing a unique and user-focussed title tag and description for each page;
  • optimising your images by adding suitable alt tags to them;
  • ensuring that your website load speed is relatively fast.
    Here are a couple of good tools that you can use to test the speed of your site:

Create regular, awesome content and tell people about it

A regular mistake I see is that people either create awesome content, but don’t tell anyone about it, or, they create horribly shit content and tell everyone about it. Both ends of the spectrum are fixable.

The creation of awesome content is up to you. And by awesome content, I don’t mean content that you think is awesome or that your mum thinks is awesome. I mean content that the market – people you don’t know – wants to read and share.

Telling people about it, for now, means sharing every new article or blog post with all of your social networks. If you aren’t on ‘social media,’ then it’s time to join. Start with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and actively grow each channel by engaging with related audiences on each platform. Aim more for depth, rather than width.

Reach out to other blogs with a similar audience demographic

This is where most people give up because content outreach is hard and time-consuming. It means going to Google and searching for blogs related to your content. Start with the top 500 results and then start an outreach campaign. The mistake most people make here is that they contact these blogs and say “hey, I want you to share my content….” If that’s your proposed strategy, you’ve failed already.

Rule number 1: always add value without the expectation of anything back in return. Reach out to them and offer them something whether it be an idea for an article, a piece of information that is missing from a current article or something along those lines. Or, better yet, start following them on their social media channels and then engage and converse with them. Comment on their posts with something more original that “great post.” Use your comment to engage with them on a personal level to start a relationship. Once you’ve established a relationship with them – yes, that may take months or more – then you can think about going for the right hook. Now, when you ask them if you can become a guest contributor on their blog, you’re more likely to get a ‘yes.’

Now that you’ve achieved your goal and you’ve been accepted as a guest contributor, you are going to want to make the content good enough that you’ll have the option of making it a regular post. So, basically, don’t make it a sales post, make it something that the existing audience will enjoy reading. Your goal is to ‘steal’ their audience by making your post so compelling that they start following your blog and/or social profiles as well.

Offer influential bloggers the option to blog on your website

You’ve started to develop a relationship with other more established bloggers by following them and conversing with them. And I assume by now you have a decent amount of content on your site so your site doesn’t look empty. Now it’s time to start reaching out to the one’s that you converse with the most and pitch them on the opportunity to guest post on your site.

Again, the add value first principle should be followed here. An established blogger, even if you do now have a relationship with them, is still going to want to see a benefit for their time and effort. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate that there is value in your site and audience. You’ll need to be strategic about who you approach and what your pitch is. I would suggest not starting with the blogger with the largest audience as they will likely laugh at you. I would start with a someone who has a slightly larger audience than yours as it’s easy to demonstrate value to them.

When they do start writing for your site, they will likely share these posts with their social media followers. That’s going to hopefully drive their audience to your site and it’s then up to you to get them to come back.

Join related groups on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook and Instagram have a lot of established groups in just about any niche. Start requesting to join these groups and then participate and add value to conversations. Don’t spam them.

Once you have been seen to be regularly contributing, then you can start a conversation yourself. Maybe you want to ask some advice or want to ask their opinion on your latest post/article. Ask for a conversation, don’t just post a link to the article.


Above are five actionable tasks that you can do yourself and will cost no actual cash if you are willing to put in the time and effort. While they won’t take your website or blog from zero visitors a day to one thousand visitors a day in a short period of time. They will boost your visitors and repeat readership, provided you do actually have great content.


If you are still having trouble getting traffic to your site and don’t have time to do it yourself, give us a call or send us an email and we can have a chat about doing your marketing for you.

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